Smile Designing

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As the name itself suggests, smile designing is a cosmetic dental procedure performed by dental experts to give patients natural-looking teeth and perfect smiles appearance. It is done by  Dental veneers, composite bonding and crowns etc.

The factors of smile design that are taken into consideration are gum tissues, colour size and shape of tooth, skin tone, facial appearance, and lips.

The factors of smile designing are

  • Restore the original colour of the tooth to treat teeth that have become discoloured with age or have been yellowed or stained. The restoration of the coloured tooth makes the teeth look clearly white and thus shells out a perfect smiling factor.


  • Because of various unnatural conditions, many teeth get spaced, broken, crooked or lose alignment. The smile design process also emphasizes on restructuring the dental system and thereby fixing and aligning it. The gap closing or straightening of the teeth structure is some of the methods implied for the purpose.


  • Your smile or facial expression won’t look impressive when you have a missing tooth or a broken tooth. Here, smile designing helps bring back the natural smile with teeth implants and dental fixtures that deal with broken or missing tooth problems to give you a confident smile ability.


  • The orthodontists also ensure that the patients’ teeth are in the right proportion; if not, they fix it in a way that provides a beautiful jawline that perfectly makes their smile look.


Whatever your dental problem is, the dentists at Perfect Smile Dental Clinic are making an effort to repair it in the best possible way, and within your estimated budget. You don’t need to worry about enhancing your smile’s beauty when you opt for smile designing treatment at this clinic; the best results are guaranteed!

Smile Desing

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