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Slowly but surely we are moving towards a metal-free practice. The journey towards a metal-free practice began with the discarding of silver amalgam preparations due to the presence of mercury in it. Now metal crowns and porcelain fused to metal crowns are being gradually tapered out of practice because of the overwhelming advantages that the metal-free, zirconia crowns have over the metal ones. The impeccable stability of colour, life like it’s appearance and noncorrosive nature has the dentists vouching for it.

A crown or bridge normally requires two visits to the Dentist. The first visit is to clean the tooth, take the impressions or moulds and fitting a temporary crown. The permanent crown or bridge is installed upon the second visit.


The dental procedure is done under local anesthesia and is quite painless. The feeling is almost like filling up. A crown or bridge’s price depends on the labour charges of the laboratory


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Dental Crown Treatment in Kochi
Crowns and Bridges Treatment in Kochi


Dental Bridges inKochi
Dental Crowns and Bridges treatment in Kohci
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