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The dentures are artificial replacements for missing teeth.  As they are custom made so can be taken out and put back into your mouth.   In addition, they will replicate the presence and appearance of your original teeth, thereby allowing you to eat and speak more comfortably. There are primarily two forms, Full and partial. Your dentist will clarify which option fits your lifestyle and concerns.




These are recommended when all-natural teeth need to be replaced either in your upper or lower arch or both sets.




This is recommended when replacing one or more natural teeth. The alignment of the remaining teeth will be maintained in this case thus keeping them from shifting.


Immediate Denture


Immediate dentures are done on the same day that the finished dentures are inserted when teeth are extracted. They are different from regular dentures and no need for healing time and the initial fit will be much better because the impressions will accurately reflect the soft tissues on which the base of the denture rests. With immediate denture construction, there is an approximation of the fit of the denture base. Because the teeth are still in place when the denture is being built and tried in, the initial fit will not be as accurate. Immediate dentures are made so that the patient will not be forced to be without teeth while the gum tissues heal and the remaining tissue ridges reach their final shape.


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