Clear Aligners and Invisible Braces

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Your teeth speak volume about your entire facial structure and therefore it is always recommended that we all maintain better oral health in improving our external beauty. If you have unaligned or deformed teeth structure it obviously looks bad plus the feeling of discomfort also prevails within the person suffering from such issues.


Although there are many forms of dental treatments that can be used to correct the structure of the teeth, such as braces, surgical processes, etc., there is one such procedure that is also very popular among the dental fraternity and that is the use of clear aligners for the same purpose. The clear aligners are more commonly known as orthodontic devices used to correct deformed teeth.


These are the dental bracelets’ plastic forms that are transparent too! While the function of clear aligners is almost similar to that of braces, the only difference between the two is that they use gradual force to adjust the alignment of the teeth without the use of metal wires or some kind of brackets.

Materials and functioning


As mentioned earlier, the Clear Aligners are made of high-quality acrylic materials and are manufactured in such a way as to fit the mouth of the people wearing it. If the aligners are imposed on more than one tooth, it is done in such a way that it gradually raises the teeth until the required movement is met.


They should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day to show their full effectiveness. And after three weeks of usage, each aligner has to be changed, after which the effectiveness drops down. The possibility of achieving better results within this time period depends greatly on the patient’s dental condition. If it is too severe then the treatment may take time but in less serious conditions it starts showing its effects within the first phase of treatments itself.

Invisible Braces

Clear Aligners and Invisible Braces
Clear Aligners treatment

And, to Conclude

I can help your child deal with them.So when you're suffering from dental problems that need to be treated with braces, consult your dentists about implementing clear aligners. You get the best advice and the best treatments for all kinds of problems relevant to your dental structure at Perfect Smile Dental Clinic; even the use of the clear aligners too! For better results please consult Dr. Krishna Kumar.

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