Pediatric Dentistry

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Dental care is very important in early development for children or infants. Primary teeth are important because they help with proper chewing and eating, support the development of speech and contribute to the development and facial expression. A child who can easily chew, speak clearly and smile with confidence is a happy child. Healthy primary teeth allow the jawbones and muscles to develop normally, save space for the permanent teeth and guide them into place. If a baby tooth is lost too soon, permanent teeth may get in a crooked condition.


One concern is early childhood caries, a serious condition caused by a child staying on the bottle, breastfeeding or sippy cup too long. Decayed baby teeth can cause pain, abscesses, infections, and can spread to the permanent teeth. Also, if the diseased baby teeth are not treated, the general health of your child may be affected. Some primary molars are not removed until they are ten to fourteen years of age, so they must last for years. Check for oral habits (such as thumb-sucking).


At Perfect Smile Dental Clinic we focus on all aspects of preventive care. Continuous preventive treatment includes routine check-ups and oral hygiene instruction with cleanings. The timing of those depends on the specific needs of your child. Our pediatric dentist is specially trained and qualified to deal with the children and to help them overcome their dental fears.


We recommend- A first checkup by 12 months old to make sure that the development of teeth and jaws is normal, and more importantly so that parents and guardians know how to help their children be healthy from the start.

Pediatric Dentistry

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